PTSD & Healing

Healing PTSD with Reiki Therapy

Physical pain is only the first layer in regards to traumatic experiences. Trauma to the body can lead to emotional and psychological distress. If these conditions are left untreated, they can result in post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). PTSD can be triggered in a numerous ways. Those who experience extreme mental or emotional stress can be afflicted.
Without treatment, PTSD can result in prolonged bouts of depression, anger management issues, sleeplessness and an inability to focus. These emotional and physical symptoms can profoundly impact the quality of life of those who suffer from the disorder. This also may result in the loss of work and support from friends and family.
Many Service men and women return from their deployment with such trauma and have limited or no resources available to them. Some are ashamed or fear disclosing symptoms because it may lead to disqualification in future career endeavors. Diagnosing and treating PTSD has been challenging, as this disorder has only just begun to gain understanding and acceptance. While conventional psychological thearpy methods have varying levels of success, those impacted have begun to turned to alternative therapy forms to with their plaguing symptoms.
Individuals with PTSD usually produce high levels of a stress hormone known as Cortisol. This keeps sufferers in a constant “fight or flight” physical and mental state. Reiki is a non-intrusive alternative healing method which may help provide relief or make management of the symptoms easier. It's primary focus is to release tension and create and sense of calm and relaxation.

  • Must provide proof of military service/military identification.
  • Must have served in the military within the last 10 years.

60 Minute Wounded Warrior Reiki Therapy Session $25.00
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