Frequently Asked Questions

Are video call, phone or email readings as good as ones received in person?

Yes, they most certainly are. It is 100% as effective as in person. There are many benefits to video calls or phone readings: no driving, quicker scheduling, and it's really convenient. A person's energy, or a spirit, can go anywhere. It also doesn't require as much planning and can be done anywhere in the world. Although some people really prefer in person sessions, Video Call and Phone sessions are just as effective and are a great solution to busy lives and schedules. 

Are sessions able to be recorded?

Yes, as a matter of fact a complimentary audio recording (whenever possible) of all video call, phone and in-person appointments is made and emailed to you within a few days after the appointment. So you can always go back, listen to your session and catch any details you may have missed.

What do you use for international calls?

Yes, international calls are not a problem as we use Skype voice for all calls outside of the United States if a video call is not possible. You will be prompted to give your skype username during the booking process. 

Will I be called at the time of my appointment?

Yes, Fernando will contact you using the number or contact info you provided, during booking, at the time of your appointment.

How do you connect to departed loved ones?

Before any readings I build up my energy and raise my " vibrations ". It is believed that Heaven or " The Other Side " exist on the same level as ours and not high in the sky somewhere. Their level just vibrates at a higher rate. Pretend you are looking at a fan that is on the off setting. You can see each blade just fine. Now turn the setting to high and its as if you can see right through it like it were invisible. This is how our loved ones exist. On a level next to ours but vibrating at a higher rate so they are practically invisible. What I do is raise my energy or vibrations to a higher rate. Through meditation and visualization I am able to raise my rate and reach a level where telepathic communication is easier between us. After that, they use their energy to manipulate my thoughts, ideas, feelings, etc... and it's my job to make sense of what I'm receiving. 

What can I expect from a session?

Realistic Expectations with Psychic Readings:

As a psychic, it is my work to share anything I sense or pickup during your session. Please understand that though I can sense specifics and details, I do not know everything. When I tune in, I begin to pick up on aspects of your life like pieces of a puzzle. I will not see the whole picture and will have to make assumptions based off of my understanding of those pieces. These assumptions are my best guess for what is occurring in your life. Dates and times are not a certainty and events may play out in a different way than suggested. Details may be misinterpreted and you are ultimately responsible for how you use information shared during a session. I try to be honest and direct with what I sense albeit positive or negative. I can not guarantee that you will like what you hear or necessarily agree with it. Please try to have an open mind as things may play out in time and you may be unaware of how or why. I ask that you use your best judgement when making decisions regarding your own life and know that I can only share what I sense. I unable to make guarantees regarding information I have given during a session. When I begin a 30 or 45 minute reading I will tune in to certain areas, aspects and give as much detail as I can. Once I have finished my initial analysis, you will have an opportunity to ask questions. These questions will guide my psychic ability in the direction of that issue and I will then sense more detail surrounding that topic. 

Realistic Expectations with Mediumship Sessions:

In order to establish a proper connection, several conditions must be present for a quality contact to occur. I, the medium, must be in a relaxed, calm, positive state of mind. The relationship between the medium and client must be open and sincere. The client or recipient must be willing to connect with whomever shows up as the medium does not control who will come through. If the client only wishes to hear certain things from a certain individual in a certain way then this severely restricts the medium’s ability for quality communication. This may also negate other information that may arise during a connection. If a client does not really want to make the contact or is afraid and against the possibility, then they should not attend. Sometimes clients have brought someone with them because they feel that individual needs to hear certain things and even thought the intention is good, it is only a barrier the medium will have to work through to create a quality connection. It will impact and potentially prevent a proper connection from happening. If there is a large disturbance in human consciousness like the day 911 happened, it may also act as a barrier that prevents connecting to higher levels of communication. Too much mental and emotional chatter. It is my intention to enable further healing and validation of the existence of those in spirit. If I, as the medium, do not feel that the connection will be strong or that the energy may be off at that time then may proceed to terminate or cancel the session and issue a refund. Understand that the information I relay is subject to interpretation and although I try very hard to make sense of the data I receive from spirits, I may at times misinterpret what they are communicating. I do try to share how I am sensing details so as to limit the amount of misinterpretation that may occur, allowing the clients to form their own conclusion.

Why do you need a first name and photo or personal object to connect with spirit?

A client asked me this question and I thought it was a really good one. All mediums work differently. At some point every medium understands what works best for them. One thing you should know is that I do not approach people out in the street or when I am in public. What would you think if every doctor, psychologist, or nutritionist randomly approached people out in the street pointing out any issues or needs they feel those individuals have. It's kinda rude and it is a bit intrusive. Spirit is always communicating with me and I learned a long time ago from my work as a store manager at Starbucks that I have to set healthy boundaries with spirit. My mantra is "God send me the people I can help". When someone comes to me, they usually will have a crowd around them. There are Angels, Spirit Guides and loved ones who hang about. If you've ever tried to have 2 or 3 conversations at the same time you know it can be confusing and a little frustrating. A name, a photo or a personal object is a unique energetic calling card for that soul. I don't believe in wasting time and I feel that trying to sort through the group of people you come in with is wasting precious time. I once went to see a very talented psychic medium at a group event. She spent more time trying to figure out who in the crowd she was speaking to and not enough time validating their presence. It was really frustrating and just wasn't working very well. When I have a first name and photo or personal object it allows me to immediately zone in to that individual's energy. I know some people may think "Oh well we are feeding you information." I can understand that. However lets be practical. I'm not going to visit a detective, ask him to solve a crime and not tell him who the victim is or what happened. "I have this crime detective, go solve it! That's all you need to know." Let's get real. My job is to connect you with your loved ones and give you enough validating information that you will know it's them. Knowing someone is named Judith isn't going to tell me that she grew up on a farm or had a seeing eye dog. With that being said please understand that I do my very best to connect mentally to the spirit world during your visit. This does not guarantee that they will be willing to communicate back or even effectively. It works most days but every now and then the connection just doesn't happen properly or at all.  In the case that this may happen, you will be offered a full refund.

Can I bring a friend for support?

Yes and no. I understand that a reading can be nerve racking and sometimes we need support through the process. If you are getting a life reading I ask that you keep your support down to just 2 additional people (3 total per visit). After that, it becomes a group event and the pricing will change. For mediumship sessions where I connect with spirits who have passed away I ask that you only bring people who are also wanting to connect with that same spirit. When you bring friends it's like buying everyone a drink on you. I try to do my best and directly connect with the spirit of  your loved one however if you bring a friend, your also inviting all of their deceased loved ones and the strongest spirits get the most air time. 

Should my spouse/partner come along?

That depends on you. There is a waiting area available on the front porch. If they do not mind waiting outside in order to give you privacy during a reading then it should be fine. If you don't mind them sitting in during the reading then that is fine as well. Just understand that I try not to filter the information I get and if I see something that negatively reflects on the relationship, I will share it. I would hate for your reading to lead to an argument after the session if there is a difference of opinion with your spouse. Some couples do come during Reiki sessions together for support or because they both get a treatment, one after the other.

Can I bring my children?

There have been several occasions where people try and bring their children and are not willing to let them sit in the waiting area out front. Nor do they want them to hear or sit in on the reading. This makes it very difficult and complicated to have a smooth reading and give you the level of experience you deserve. It can interfere with the reading running smoothly and it is harder for me to concentrate during the session. My suggestion is that you make arrangements so that you can get everything you need from your session.

How long should I wait to come back for another reading?

I always suggest waiting 4-6 months before coming back for a full reading. I do understand that things may come up during that time and you may need clarity on unexpected issues. For that reason I provide eReadings and 15 minute Q&A phone readings. It is a quick and cost effective way of getting the guidance you need without having to revisit topics already visited in previous readings. The future does and can change based on your choices. Nothing is ever set in stone so it isn't odd to return back after several months to get an update on your life circumstances.

What can I expect from a Reiki/Chakra Treatment?

A Reiki Treatment is centered around the idea of relaxation, releasing tension and aligning the 7 major Chakras. People tend to carry lots around with them. Over time this will weigh on a person's energy field. This will also cause dysfunction in the Major Chakra system. The primary focus is to lighten the load, see what is causing the heaviness and release it. A Reiki/Chakra treatment starts with a quick 5-10 minute connect on first visits to understand what you wish to gain from your treatment. There is a waiver you will sign before your session giving me permission to work on you. Then I will run through the treatment process with you from begging to end. During a session you may ask questions about the practice, chat about anything you care to or just remain silent if you wish. There may be external sounds from drive by traffic so if you need additional sound control, just ask and ear buds will be provided. The treatment is received fully clothed and laying down on a massage table. I will place my hands across your body in systematic key areas sending healing energy in waves. I will also focus on each major Chakra and attempt to align it with proper functioning. Some areas will take in more energy than others. I tend to keep the temperature on the cool side due to the body heating up during the treatment. I do offer a light blanket for those who get cold easily. I always suggest that you wear comfortable clothing and turn off any mobile devices. You may feel warmth, vibration and possibly see colors in your mind during the process. Most people leave with a feeling of lightness and even tend to feel a little "high". This is due to your vibration or energy level raising. You may feel tired or sleepy after the treatment. For those who are attempting to detox from drug or substance abuse, there have been reports of flu like symptoms after a Reiki session. This is due to the body removing built-up toxicity. Reiki Treatments can be taken as often as once a week but the recommendation is that one receive the treatment at least once every month or 2 to gain the full benefit. 

What should I do to prepare for a Reading?

The best thing you can do to prepare for a reading is to come open minded. Sometimes people come expecting to only speak upon one matter and what they don't realize is that I am being given information from sources who have more than just that matter as a concern. I tend to focus on the most pressing matter at first but sometimes Spirit's pressing matter is not your pressing matter. Another thing you can do is to come in with questions. I tend to answer most of the questions people come in with but from time to time I focus only on one area and then ask about any questions you may have. Most people will go blank and they forget to ask things they had planned on asking. Remember that I can only see what they show me, I'm not Wikipedia so I don't necessarily see or know everything that is happening in your life. Write down and have your list of questions ready ;-)
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