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By Fernando Marron 21 Sep, 2017
When you prepare to attend university, it is important to sit down with a counselor and discuss your plans. They can offer you invaluable guidance and advice about the path you will be taking as well as how to pace yourself over the course of your education. They also help you understand the bigger picture and what lessons may be essential components for your career.

During the course of your life, there is also a plan that is being followed. You may not remember it or be fully aware of this but your soul had some pretty interesting ideas for what it needed to experience while in physical form (Human Life). Using the aide, guidance and wisdom of spirit guides, it laid out a plan for itself. It choose situations and circumstances that it needed, so as to allow for the unique perspectives you would have in life. These guides are other spirits who may have lessons to learn from you and the plan you will take on. They share your thoughts and emotions, and experience your life vicariously through you. They remain aware of the plan and can aide you in following that plan through their continued influence in your mind as thoughts, emotions, and impressions. That inner voice of reason. Your conscious. The subtle voice underneath your own ego’s influence. That is your guide. Every human being has at least one guide that will serve us from the moment we incarnate to the moment of death. We may also take on additional guides when dealing with a particular theme in life. For example, if you have chosen a path in working within the medical industry, then it is likely that someone who has had a lifetime as a Doctor, Nurse or any other medical professional may serve you through that period of time. Their work is to aide us, experience with us and reroute resources or circumstances to us if we head in a direction that is different that what we intended. Now let me make this clear. Their work is to aide us, not to prevent us from experiencing the challenges and troubles we may encounter in life. Believe it or not, some of those challenges are programed into our lifetime to gives us unique experiences and circumstances. They can help steer us in the “right” direction if we go off track, which we tend to do quite often. If we are hell bent on making certain choices that are not part of our unique life plan, then the guide may not interfere beyond a particular point as our personal will and choices are highly respected by spirit. Spirit guide energy is as varied as human culture itself. There is a running joke that when you ask a psychic about your spirit guide, they will usually describe one as a native american. Apparently everyone has a native american spirit guide. I can assure you this is not the case as a Spirit Guide’s energy can vary from person to person and culture or race association. What tends to happen is that some psychic’s have a belief that native american culture is highly spiritual. So when they tune into your guide for you, their mind ends up relating that high spirit energy with any associated high spiritual idea, belief or culture. You can establish a closer connection to your guide if you’d like through forms of meditation and Journaling. If you want to connect with your spiritual helper, then just simply ask them to make themselves known to you. Just remember that you are wanting to connect to your guide for your own highest and best good. Setting this intention makes it clear that you only wish to receive communication that is beneficial and will continue to aid you on your personal spiritual journey.
By Fernando Marron 13 Aug, 2017
Today I met some very nice people who lost a very special member of their family. When I saw the appointment booked earlier in the day I assumed it was for a human spirit. As the hours passed and I worked through my day full of sessions, I took a look at the picture they uploaded when they made the appointment and realized that the connection they were wanting to make was with their precious fur baby. I wasn't sure I would be able to make the connection. After all I specialize in human spirit communication and don't have a lot of experience in animal communication. I have had animals pop up in sessions, but never more than just a few moments as they let their loved ones know they still exist.

I had just had 4 mediumship sessions back to back and it came time to move on to my next appointment and try to connect to this precious little creature. I did inform the family that this wasn't something I did often so to bare with me. I also mentioned that it wouldn't be surprising if their doggy popped up shortly and then would be overridden by a human spirit wanting to take the lead. I made the initial attempt and I had several dog spirits come up but none that seemed to resemble their baby. I didn't understand the information they shared fully and tried to distinguish them for the family but they weren't connecting with the information I was sharing. I pulled my focus back a bit and realized that there were also human spirits wanting to come through and connect. I thought maybe I could use their help to make the communication stronger and hopefully that would help with the connection to their special family member. I let them come forward and they began to identify themselves. A grandmother and father of one of the individuals I had on the Skype video call. They confirmed that it was in fact their loved ones connecting across the ether to me. More and more validation came through and when I shared the messages from the father spirit, it was all too emotional for my client. As we approached the end of that spirit's messages, the spirit in a very simple gesture, within my own mind reached down to lift something up. And there it was, the precious dog from the picture I had seen. No sooner did I take notice of this that details, wonderful details began to come through, validating without a shadow of a doubt that this was their baby. I was completely surprised and taken back at how much detail and information this little creature was able to share regarding her life with the beloved family. I had no doubt that this was their beloved pet. It made me really appreciate my own kitties. Especially the love of my life, Mama Cat. I don't know what I would do without them in my life. I can not imagine how life would be without those paws and that squishy face she makes when I give her kisses.

Animals are an important part of our life and many many people have closer bonds with their pets than with people. I can't say I blame them. Animals offer us such unconditional love. They don't have hidden agendas, and only experience life as fully as they are able to. They are such a pure energy. I'm so happy that I was able to give this family closure and validate the continued presence of their deceased loved one in their life. 
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