Fernando Marron is a highly rated Intuitive Channeler and Spiritual Teacher. Helping others through use of his intuitive abilities and spiritual teachings is his life's work and passion. He teaches others how to tap into their own abilities, understand spiritual concepts and develop their true, innate potential.

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All Available Services

Life Analysis Reading

In a Life Analysis Reading (a.k.a. psychic reading), Fernando will use his intuitive skills and abilities to tune in to details and energy in the following categories of your life:
  • Health and Wellness
  • Finances
  • Career/Work
  • Relationships
He will then analyze those details and energy to provide you with feedback regarding those areas. You will also receive a forecast of upcoming life events and circumstances. Once he has completed his analysis, you will be able to ask Fernando about specific personal situations you would like clarity on. Each analysis takes approximately 20-30 minutes, is recorded for your convenience and will be emailed to you within 7 days. (It is recommended that only 1 analysis per every 6 months be recieved.)

Spirit Communication

Fernando has the unique ability to connect with the spirits of those who are deceased to pass on messages of healing and validation. Using telepathy and channeling, Fernando can relay information regarding the following:
  • Unresolved life circumstances.
  • Signs and symbols of spirit visitations.
  • Details regarding an individual's passing.
  • Personality traits and characteristics. 
He forms an energy connection with the spirit and at times appears to mimic unique mannerisms and qualities that pertain to the individual. Many people walk away with a sense of peace and validation that their loved ones are still connected to them even after physical death. Each session takes approximately 40-45 minutes, is recorded for your convenience and will be emailed to you within 7 days. (It is recommended that no more than 1 session per year be booked.)

Spiritual Life Coaching

Leading a spiritual life and making sense of our everyday human experience can be a bit of a balancing act. Even when we try our very best to achieve the life of our dreams, things can get a bit stuck and confusing for us. It's important to identify the blocks and root causes of our issues so that we may move forward to the life we desire. Fernando has been working as a guide and coach for many years. Using his spiritual gifts, intuitive talents as well as a no nonsense attitude, he can help you with the following:
  • Understanding and releasing energy blockages.
  • Overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Attracting healthier relationships and experiences.
  • Realizing and achieving your career and business goals.
Each coaching session is tailored specifically to the individual. The first coaching session includes a Life Analysis Reading followed by an assessment period where you and Fernando will discuss your goals and your developmental process. He will then create a unique plan for you that is aimed at achieving your personal goals. The expectation and commitment is to begin having regular sessions monthly or quarterly depending on your personal needs. Each follow up session focuses on helping you understand your progress and aiding you through the use of tools as well as mental and energetic exercises. Remember that this is a personal investment in yourself and the life you desire. You will need to dedicate yourself to the developmental process. Several spiritual coaching sessions will be needed to reach the desired results. Each session takes approximately 45-60 minutes, is recorded for your convenience and will be emailed to you within 7 days. (It is recommended that sessions be booked monthly or at minimal every 3 months for best results.)

Now you can learn to develop and enhance your own intuitive and psychic potential with this unique class taught by Ferny himself. Using Udemy's user friendly platform, you can learn new skills at your own pace and on your own time.

Follow along as Ferny walks you through understanding what psychic and intuitive ability really is, how it works and how you can use it. Whether you're an absolute novice or are seasoned in psychic studies and feel blocked, this class is for you! (There are no requirements to join this class.)

This is a Facebook Live Development Group. It is a follow up class to the Psychic Development Essentials class available on Udemy.com and was designed for those who are serious about developing their psychic ability through ongoing support and guidance. 

You must take the Udemy.com course first before requesting to join this class as you may not understand the class structure or exercises. 

Once you request to join, you'll receive an email invitation within 48 hours. Please use the email you used when signing up for Facebook. 

CLASS FEE: Your payment is the class membership fee and it will be automatically charged monthly as long as you choose to be a member of the class. You may cancel your membership at any time. (NOTE: There are no refunds for this class.)

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