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Ferny's Blog

Ferny's Blog

By Fernando Marron 13 Aug, 2017
Today I met some very nice people who lost a very special member of their family. When I saw the appointment booked earlier in the day I assumed it was for a human spirit. As the hours passed and I worked through my day full of sessions, I took a look at the picture they uploaded when they made the appointment and realized that the connection they were wanting to make was with their precious fur baby. I wasn't sure I would be able to make the connection. After all I specialize in human spirit communication and don't have a lot of experience in animal communication. I have had animals pop up in sessions, but never more than just a few moments as they let their loved ones know they still exist.

I had just had 4 mediumship sessions back to back and it came time to move on to my next appointment and try to connect to this precious little creature. I did inform the family that this wasn't something I did often so to bare with me. I also mentioned that it wouldn't be surprising if their doggy popped up shortly and then would be overridden by a human spirit wanting to take the lead. I made the initial attempt and I had several dog spirits come up but none that seemed to resemble their baby. I didn't understand the information they shared fully and tried to distinguish them for the family but they weren't connecting with the information I was sharing. I pulled my focus back a bit and realized that there were also human spirits wanting to come through and connect. I thought maybe I could use their help to make the communication stronger and hopefully that would help with the connection to their special family member. I let them come forward and they began to identify themselves. A grandmother and father of one of the individuals I had on the Skype video call. They confirmed that it was in fact their loved ones connecting across the ether to me. More and more validation came through and when I shared the messages from the father spirit, it was all too emotional for my client. As we approached the end of that spirit's messages, the spirit in a very simple gesture, within my own mind reached down to lift something up. And there it was, the precious dog from the picture I had seen. No sooner did I take notice of this that details, wonderful details began to come through, validating without a shadow of a doubt that this was their baby. I was completely surprised and taken back at how much detail and information this little creature was able to share regarding her life with the beloved family. I had no doubt that this was their beloved pet. It made me really appreciate my own kitties. Especially the love of my life, Mama Cat. I don't know what I would do without them in my life. I can not imagine how life would be without those paws and that squishy face she makes when I give her kisses.

Animals are an important part of our life and many many people have closer bonds with their pets than with people. I can't say I blame them. Animals offer us such unconditional love. They don't have hidden agendas, and only experience life as fully as they are able to. They are such a pure energy. I'm so happy that I was able to give this family closure and validate the continued presence of their deceased loved one in their life. 
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