Missing Persons Cases

Missing Persons Cases

Fernando Marron believes in using his ability to help others whenever possible. Aside from the work he does with his clients, he also donates time to working on missing persons cases that have gone cold. By sensing any details that could give investigators useful information & leads, cases can move forward and closure can be brought to those families affected. If you would like to seek Fernando's help with a missing persons case, please review the guidelines below and submit a request. 

Missing Persons Case Guidelines & Need to Know Information

Law enforcement officials solve crimes, Psychics do not. Psychic Consultants are a tool that law enforcement can use in gathering information to explore leads and keep cases moving forward towards resolution.

Fernando Marron chooses, at this time, to only work on missing persons cases that have gone cold. Meaning that investigators have hit a wall with leads and the case is at a stand still. Due to a default level of inaccuracy that can occur during any psychic sensing, it is important that law enforcement efforts in recent cases focus on viable fresh leads & evidence through traditional investigation practices and tactics. Seeking the help of any competent psychic consultant should be a last resort.

Fernando chooses only to work directly with immediate family members of the missing person and law enforcement investigators. Only when there is cooperation between the family and investigators can the use of psychic information be helpful and properly utilized.

Fernando will not charge for the use of his time or efforts when working on a missing persons case. If travel, lodging or accommodations are needed then it is expected that costs will be covered by the agency or family seeking help on the case. This does not apply to a mediumship session which would require the booking of an actual appointment. 

It is requested that information about Fernando working on any case, as a psychic consultant, be kept confidential and be restricted to immediate family and law enforcement while the investigation is ongoing. This is a security precaution as anyone who may be involved with the case can pose a threat to the consultant. Also, in many states and countries, psychic consulting is not accepted as a valid practice. Any leads or information gained through the use of a psychic may become inadmissible during any hearing or judgements against individuals or parties of interest. It is best that the use of a psychic consultant be kept private for all those involved until a resolution is accomplished.

Fernando chooses not to work on missing persons cases that may involve organized crime and gang activity. This is simply a security precaution. 

Any consulting work by Fernando is subject to availability and time constraints.

Fernando can not accommodate all missing persons case requests as he may be involved in ongoing investigations at any given time. Requests are accepted on a case by case basis. Once a request is received, you will be informed if he will be able to take on the case or if it will be put in queue to be worked on once circumstances permit. If he takes on the case, then you will be contacted and the process will move forward. If the case is put in a queue, then you will be contacted once Fernando is able to work on it. At that time you will be asked to update the request and see if his assistance is still needed. 

The process of working on a case is very strategic in an attempt to provide the most useful amount of information. All Fernando will use to begin his work is a first name and photo of the missing person. He will then tune in and try to sense specific details regarding the case, i.e. (Individuals Involved, Circumstances Surrounding Event, Locations of Interest & Motivations). If after the initial report and assessment the information matches up to known details regarding the case, then he will move forward to answering questions that may provide more detail and specifics. He will also provide rough sketches of areas of interest that may indicate where the individual may be located. It is essential that information about the case be kept at a minimal while Fernando works through the details he senses. This allows for a theory to develop that may offer more leads and a plausible location of the missing person. Fernando will attempt to complete the initial assessment within 7-14 days of the accepted request. If information from the assessment does not match up to known details of the case, then the request will be closed out as Fernando may not be able to assist in a useful way with the case.

Please note that results may vary and no assurances or guarantees of any kind can be made. Fernando Marron assumes no liability for decisions and actions taken by any individuals or law enforcement agency, in any way, that may compromise the validity of a case or negatively impact the investigation.

Missing Persons Case Request

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