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Marcus J says: Fernando is very great at what he does! I’ve had a reading done before but not nearly to the level of detail and accuracy as Fernando’s reading. He was highly accurate on many areas of my life. Certain thoughts that have been challenging for me to understand lately, he brought out and was able to give some really good guidance on. Also he is very warm and inviting and works well with people. Thanks Fernando!

Amazing!!! I was moved to tears...

Falecia M says: So apparently Fernando IS the "real deal" and doesn't just have 5 stars for nothing! This was my first time EVER having a reading of any kind. I went in today for a mediumship and a reiki session. He was able to contact my loved ones that have crossed over. Losing the love of my life only months ago has left me with many questions and Fernando was able to contact him. I understand skepticism, but how do you explain a total stranger knowing things that he just should and could not know? You can't! He's truly gifted. He has great energy, he's professional and actually normal LOL(as in not being a hippie weirdo). I enjoyed my session from start to finish. I can't wait to schedule another appointment with him! I've already referred him to others. I was slightly skeptical, but I refuse to live my life in skepticism! That's whack. I'm glad I let my curiosity get the best if me. P.S. The services he offered are reasonably priced...unlike others I looked into prior to finding Fernando.


Liliana S says: Fernando is a truly gifted psychic and a very caring person. I had never found anyone so genuine and honest in this field. His accuracy is mind blowing. Thank you for the insight Fernando, and for helping us with your wonderful gift. I will contact you again!

An experience I will never forget

Martinez D says: I'm going thru what I feel is my most challenging situation up to date and I need all the help, support and I guidance I can get, whether the methods are conventional or unconventional. I started to do some research online and I found Fernando. I made an appt and decided to go with an open mind. My experience was very satisfying and life changing. this is coming from a person that thinks very practical in nature and likes to keep it real :). You won't be disappointed.

So great!

Sara T says: I found Fernando on Yelp and he was truly inspiring! My best friend and I had back-to-back appointments and the information that he gave each of us was uncanny. He precisely pinpointed our personality traits within seconds, told us about physical ailments that we each have, and gave us each hope and excitement for what's to come in our lives! I booked my appointment, wanting to find out more about my career path. Once the reading began, that was the first thing he talked about. He gave me elaborate details and time frames, too. My friend received the same amount of specifics as to her main question: love. Neither one of us had to really ask many questions. It was as if he already knew what was plaguing us. After our readings, we each did a session of Reiki, which was really calming and great way to de-stress. His home office is serene and a very comfortable environment to have a reading. I HIGHLY recommend Fernando! On top of being really talented, he is relaxed, open, and someone who will put you at ease. I can't wait to see his predictions unfold!


Savanna C says: Fernando is so down to earth ! And is spot on about everything! I love how he talks to you like a friend you have known for years! Definitely will go back to him!

Session with Fernando

Linda C says: Talking with Fernando was like reconnecting with a treasured friend who knows you extremely well. His insight and compassion helped me to see some novel approaches to some difficult situations. I highly recommend seeking Fernando to anyone who needs clarity and guidance in his/her life. It was a wonderful and uplifting session.

Exceeded Expectations, Highly Recommend. 

Hannah M says: Clear minded, reassured and relieved... That's how I felt after my psychic reading with Fernando. I was a little anxious at first, however as the reading continued my anxiety transformed into bewilderment. I was completely shocked by the accuracy of some of the things Fernando was saying. One aspect of the session I particularly liked was the fact that it was more of a conversation... After his initial reading, Fernando asked me if I had any questions--he then went into great depth and detail clarifying and answering my proposed questions. He was also very specific, which helped me come to terms with some life decisions I am currently navigating through. My advice for others would be, whether you're scheduling a psychic or medium session with Fernando, come prepared with questions you want answered. I highly recommend Fernando to anyone looking for a rewarding and honest reading--the only reason I did rate 5 stars, is because I need to give it time to see whether he was right ;) I will definitely be scheduling another session soon!


Nikki B says: Yesterday, Fernando welcomed me into his adorable, well decorated, over 100 year old home, with a hug and I immediately felt warmth and compassion. It felt like we have been friends for several years but it was our first time meeting. I had readings from another psychic/medium in Houston that I became extremely disappointed in so I'm so happy I found Fernando. When I would ask her a question she would reply "I don't feel comfortable talking about this", Fernando on the other hand will tell you everything that you want to know. He doesn't hold back from the information he is receiving and I love that about him! The reading was awesome and I really look forward to for my near future. I felt confirmation on some topics that I had mixed feelings about. At the end of our reading my cuban grandmother came through and he was on point describing her from the way she looked, acted, and even talked. It was definitely a treat when she came through. He let me record our session and I've already listened to it 4 times. I'm looking forward to a group/party medium session that I booked for Sunday. Fernando is going to drive out to us for a medium session and I'm completely stoked. He is amazing and I highly suggest trying him out. I will definitely be telling all my friends to go see him!!!!! His positive attitude and happiness is contagious and really makes you feel good about yourself.

Very Helpful

Dave M says: I have never had a reading before, so I can't compare the experience, but I can say Fernando seemed to zero in exactly on what's been happening in my life and gave some very helpful guidance based on what he 'saw' for my immediate future. So many things seemed to ring true for me and I gave him almost no prior knowledge about my current happenings and plans. A few things that he said during the reading didn't make sense or passed over my head, but upon later reflection I knew what he referred to! Highly recommended.

Rewarding and Positive Experience

Mina R says: Fernando had me deal the cards which let me know this was about me and that made me very comfortable during the entire session! He was very explicit on all the feedback he gave me from the cards he set on the table. A very rewarding and positive experience that I will be going back for a follow-up. Blessings to all, but most of all to Fernando .

Not impressed 

Sandy M says: He wasn't really impressive to me in my reading. the topics of discussion I brought to him with concern, were not really explained well enough. he just kept talking really fast about any and everything that had nothing to do with the situation I brought to him. I will never ever have a reading with him again. ihave psychic abilities and I can pick up when someone is not legit for me and he wasn't. he might work for other people and don't get me wrong he is a nice guy but his spiritual capability did not show for that all in my reading. Waste of money because I gained no benefit

Above and Beyond

Meg E says: My session with Fernando was incredible! He began to speak the truth about my past, accurately, with out even asking personal questions first. I was very impressed. I appreciated the time he took to really help me to feel comfortable and the thoughtfulness he gave to the reading. I will definitely be back and will recommend him in a heartbeat! Thank you, Fernando!

Absolutely Amazing

Kassie V says: Fernando is truly mind-blowing. I had three questions written down in my phone that I needed insight on. Fernando brought up all three issues on his own before I could even ask about them! He even picked up on a conversation that my husband and I just spoke about the morning before I saw him. I was shocked, to say the least. I walked in a skeptic, but about five minutes into my reading I was a believer. The reiki session was relaxing and healing. You leave there feeling at peace and cleansed. It's something about Fernando's energy that calms your soul. Truly amazing. Thank you Fernando for sharing your gift with others.

Great Experience!

Lora K says: Really awesome reading, this was my second time visiting Fernando and I had a great experience again. He has an amazing gift and truly provides a comfortable setting for your reading. Definitely will be back for another one soon!

Always Amazing!!!

Brenda M says: I positively love Fernando! He has the most compasionate,loving soul. This was not my first visit and surely will not be my last! Each time I see Fernando I learn something new about myself, I get honest upfront encouragement that is truly needed for my spritual growth. This session I got a small taste of Reiki, which I cannot wait to go back to experience in full. That was the most relaxed I have been in a very long time. I have encouraged others to visit with Fernando to help with issues they are facing, they all came away changed forever. I am encouraging you, right now, to book your appointment with Fernando. You will be so moved by what you learn about yourself and your loved ones that are still watching over you.It will be an emotional journey that you will definitely want to continue! Thank you Fernando, for making such an amazing difference in my life!!

Highly Recommend

Isabela D says: I went to see Fernando for a reading and a reiki session. I will definitely be back! I had a few questions in mind that I wanted to ask, and Fernando answered these right away without me having to say anything. My reading was great, and I really appreciated that he kept asking me if what he was saying made sense or if I understood. In one particular instance, I was not understanding something, and he made it a point to work it out with me and help me make sense of it before he continued with the rest of the reading. He was honest with me about some things that were hard to hear, but so kind and encouraging. You can definitely tell that he's a very compassionate person that just wants to help people. The Reiki session was great, and tied back to my reading because afterwards he told me something that totally made sense to me and explained so much about my daily interactions with people and their effect on my energy levels! Fernando predicted that I would be moving at the end of this year, but I will definitely make time to see him again before then. Highly recommend!

Fernando is Great!

Laurel G says: I went to Fernando for an hour long reading... he did an amazing job! I went because of a particular issue I was facing and the cards unearthed it and he spoke to the issue right away, with absolutely no prompting from me. His nature is very welcoming and he made me feel very at ease. I recommend Fernando to anyone seeking a card reading, etc.

Amazing Right on Point

ESTHER N says: Fernando told me things about events happening in my life without me even saying a word. I had a list of questions to ask, but then didn't ask because he answered them before I could ask. He is AMAZING! VERY GOOD VIBES FROM HIM. I would give him 10 STARS but there's only 5 stars I can select.

Could not have been better

Shaun A says: I went to see Fernando about a recent event in my life which had completely shattered me. What was laying me so low was that I didn't understand what had happened, or if there was any way to repair things. I never said a word to Fernando about what why I was there or what was bothering. He immediately keyed in on the situation, answering all of my unasked questions. He also gave me guidance on recent thoughts I'd had which I had never admitted to anyone. His information was spot on, gave me closure, and insight into what I need to do to get my life back on track. I cannot recommend him highly enough. On top of being amazing at what he does, Fernando is such a warm and kind person. Thank you Fernando--I feel like you gave me back my life! Shaun


Kristen C says: I saw Fernando for a medium reading. My brother who passed away 4 weeks ago came through. Fernando was able to pick up his personality and I literally felt like I was talking to my brother again. Fernando was so warm and kind and made me feel completely at ease. This guy is the really deal. I I plan on making an appointment for a psychic reading in the future.


Yolanda D says: My mother studied and began to practice Reiki a few years before she passed away. She was very passionate about Reiki, she always said it healed people both physically and spiritually because it cleared and balanced a persons energy. Reiki helped her through the difficult situation she was going thru before she died. Fernando has healed me with Reiki, both physically and emotionally. Loosing my mother has been the most painful experience. The death of a loved one affects everyone differently, Reiki helps heal the pain and accept the loss. Thank you Fernando for sharing the Reiki experience with me! I feel so much better after I visit you! I feel centered, balanced and healed! I need my Reiki session every few months to help cope with my stressful job because it calms and relaxes me! Fernando you are very knowledge and I feel very comfortable with you, I like how easy going and relaxed you are. I learn from you, you remind me how important it is to take care of myself so that I can take care of my responsibilities. I admire your passion to help people! Thank you

Right in point!

Monique C says: Fernando did an excellent job exploring the reason I came to see him and with offering me insight and solutions. I'll definitely be back to see him!


Petra J says: I heard about Fernando through a friend. I spoke with him on the phone. First time I picked up the phone, I felt such a positive energy when I heard his voice. When Fernando start to telling me specific issues in my life I couldn't believe what gift he has. Fernando gave me advices to guide me in my life, and avoid mistakes. Fernando opened my eyes, I very appreciate his help. I would definitely recommend him!! He is amazing, and I will definitely contact him again. THANK YOU!!!

Awesome experience! 

Ivana S says: I seek Fernando to help me answer some difficult questions in my life. I needed some guidance. You can immediately feel the positive energy when walking to his house. Fernando is very sweat and knows what he is doing. I was speachless when he started telling me about my problems. He knew everything what happened in last several years. Then we looked into my future. He gave me some advise and help me to understand my situation. I can't wait to see what happens and of he was right. Honestly, I hope that not ever thing he said is correct but as he says you can change every thing by changing your attitude and energy. He is very honest and tells you every thing he sees good or bad. I also did the chakras balancing and cleansing. I felt wonderful after that. I am recommending Fernando to every one and can't wait to go back to see him.

Reassuring & true warmth

Rebecca O says: I sought Fernando's guidance and perception when I was dealing with a very emotional issue and I felt like I had no where else to turn. He picked up on issues that I was currently resolving and a shift of energy that I had as a result of decisions that I had made with regard to my relationship with God, that were for my better well being. He told me of things to come and gave me such hope for my specific concern, all with such empathy and true kindness. He is an absolutely beautiful soul and I would see him again.


Paola S says: Fernando was very accurate. His reading was very precise and hit the proverbial "nail on the head". He stayed very positive, and answered all questions. I definitely will talk to him again and recommend him highly..


Ivanka K says: I expect something ,but this was everething I was hopeing for!Fernando give me piece of my heart ,and hope and love and meaning to live! It was incredible and I will go back again and I will reccomend him to everyone.Thank you again,Fernando !


SIMONE J says: I have to say I was very pleased with my reading. He was on point and very direct. I was able to get closure regarding a 40 year old issue which was amazing. I have had other so called readings in church as well as alternative and they always ended with "I can fix this issue with $" but that wasn't the case with Fernando. I also had a Reiki session and I was very pleased and rejuvenated. I will be back. I am a firm believer in integrated healing.

*True enlightenment*

Amanda P says: Incredibly warm and inviting, Fernando instantly makes you feel comfortable the moment he meets you. He is very intuitive to your energy and honest about what he feels. He takes his time and had a true ability to enlighten you in many ways during your reading. I would recommend his readings for anyone looking to know more about their own energy and path. I'm looking forward to my next reading ~ Thank you Fernando for having us in your home :)


eliamar v says: Not going into details. Just want to say that he had me crying the instant he started talking to me. He is just awesome at what he does..


Amber S says: I absolutely loved every minute of the reading and Reiki combination. This was the second reading I have had done in my life, and my experience with Fernando was amazing! Fernando was so detailed, honest, and inspiring throughout the process. He answered every concern I presented him with in a positive and joyful manner. He is full of passion with helping others, very comforting and never hesitant to give any advice or answer any last minute question you might have. I highly recommend Fernando Marron and plan to see him again in the future!


Angela B says: Excellent experience. Very accurate and concrete. Inspires peace and relaxation. Thanks for sharing whit me

Exceeded Expectations

Jessica N says: I'd have to say .. He definitely told me things about myself that only I would know, no one else. He picked up on someone I was going to ask about before I even asked. Everything you said just made so much sense. This session got pretty emotional really quick, but in a good way. He gave me the feeling as if I was talking to a best friend. Thank you for everything. Now to see how everything pans out. I'll be definitely getting another reading from him.


Alonzo M says: I was very pleased. I enjoyed it. He got EVERYTING RIGHT with my past. Yes, I would visit again and I will also recommend.

minus 5 stars

Nicholas A says: I will be honest. He did not have anything to say correct even about my past and present. He was just asking questions, and everything he said was just way too off. I would never use him again.


Glenda P says: My husband and I went for a reading for the first time yesterday with Fernando. I was a bit skeptical at first but he proved me wrong. What I liked the most is that he is a very genuine, compassionate, caring and gifted person. I would highly recommend Fernando to anyone because my questions were answered with no hesitation. Thank you Fernando for giving my husband some closure.


Terry B says: If you are looking for guidance or affirmations, Fernando is your guy. You will not be disappointed, trust me. Fernando was absolutely amazing! He really did nail my reading. My reading was more about the issues in my past that needed to be resolved, with my Mother, and ex-husband who killed himself. Fernando helped me do that. My reading was yesterday, and I can tell you I left feeling warm, and a peaceful feeling, that I have not felt in awhile. Last night I slept like a baby! Cant wait too go back and learn what good is in store for me. Thank you Fernando, see you soon.


Mhina D says: Me and a friend came in last weekend for a reading and both of us were amazed by how good he is. Everything he said about my past was so accurate, even with my friends reading. We're waiting for his reading into our future to happen and we'll both come back for another reading.

Mind blowing, spot on.

Kaz O says: I've been to several psychics before. They charge much more than Fernando yet not as accurate. Just like everyone said, he is kind and thoughtful. He saved me from making biggest mistake. Thank you Fernando.

He is the real thing. Legit

Elizabeth M says: I had a reading with him and he nailed everything. My dad passed away last month and he was able to get through. Gave me closure. I've been to other places spent a lot of money and they weren't legit. Fernando is legit. Recommend him to everyone. He will guide you the right way.

Complete Validation!

Brenda M says: Fernando was absolutely amazing! He makes you feel right at home when you arrive. I was very nervous but instantly he took that away. He revealed some surprising things about myself but also validated many more feelings that I have. I will be going back very soon, there are so many areas I would like to explore with Fernando. Is he for real? ABSOLUTELY!!! I think everyone should get a reading from Fernando, I promise it will be amazing and you will only want more! Fernando, thank you so much, I felt almost euphoric when I left!


Madeleine A says: Fernando is definately gifted. I love that he works with good energy, and he seems to truly care about his clients and their well being. Some of the things he said blew me away, his accuracy is amazing. I will definately be back to see him!


Madeleine A says: Fernando is definately gifted. I love that he works with good energy, and he seems to truly care about his clients and their well being. Some of the things he said blew me away, his accuracy is amazing. I will definately be back to see him!

Awesome & Insightful.... 

Majoli N says: For starters, Fernando is a very thoughtful, honesty, caring and even funny person. Had a one hour reading with him on 9/26/14 and was very pleased. He spoke about things that only someone with "a gift" could see and know. If you're looking for an "honest and caring" Psychic or Medium then....YES, I would suggest you visit Fernando Marron.


marty s says: I had a fifteen minute q&a with Fernando but felt longer than that and received sone much accurate information and predictions I look forward to. He gave me so much insight in 15 mins than any other psychic has in a whole hour! I definitely recommend him for guidance. Thank you again Fernando!! (:

Very insightful

Carol M says: My reading with Fernando was wonderful, after the reading it left me with renewed excitement of things to come in my life. The questions that I had been asking on what direction I should take in my life seem now to have an answer. It has inspired me to take the next step that I was unsure about. He's funny and very easy to talk to.


Lana W says: I cant even explaine how much i empressed. Fernando told me many things from my life that nobody can know. And he helped me a lot to make my final decision. I would higly recommend you to visit him if you have some problems or issues in you life which you can't find the answer!


Rebecca G says: Fernando was very kind, patient and insightful. I have been wanting to talk to my dad since he passed. The reading gave me peace. Dad told him what he wanted me to hear and he allowed me to ask questions. The time went by so fast. The reading was very healing for me. I want to thank Fernando for sharing his gift.


Jennifer M says: Fernando is the real thing. I made sure I did not give him any info, and he tapped right in, and was on point. It was crazy! He knew! He has a way if making you feel comfortable, like your friends, it was really cool. He shared things with me that he could not have known, and this was not your general reading where you can make what you want of it... He gave me 2 outcomes, and told me God gave us free will... He is all about happiness, positivity, and light. He said he wanted me to be happy, and so do I... Thank you Fernando..


petra s says: I went to see fernando not really expecting much I thought my family and I would get just a cold reading like we have received from other mediums. but I am VERY PLEASED TO SAY WITH FERNANDO THIS WAS NOT THE CASE. . We had a amazing reading with my departed brother who we desperately miss and love. He helped with that healing and told us the answers To our questions. Please dont search as I know there are many other TRUE MEDUIMS out there Fernando for us has by far been the best. We thank him very much and will continue to see him......


Michelle M says: What started out as a difficult turned into a wonderful hour. Fernando has a gift for sure. His positive approach and ability to steer me towards the positive was selfless and fulfilling. Thanks Fernando....


Dana S says: Fernando has the ability to receive information on a frequency level that not all of us have the ability to tap into. As Fernando taps into this frequency with your energy, the information is there, given to him, and he will use this in an effort to guide you in your life or to affirm what you likely felt to be true intuitively somewhere deep within yourself. I first went to Fernando back in February and left feeling like he had some amazing insight and had affirmed what I knew my intuition was telling me. I left with a wonderful feeling. There were a few things he mentioned, however, that I wasn't completely convinced about, but I left with an open mind and with a “anything’s possible” attitude. I figured if these things happened, wonderful. If not, that was ok too. Everything that Fernando told me would happen, DID in fact HAPPEN. And at the exact times that he had told me that they would. The happening of these events lead me to seek his guidance once more. I had a 15 minute phone appt with Fernando a few days ago, and he accessed further information that would help me on my journey. There were things that he knew, things that have been living in my soul, that he elaborated on and it all made sense. He is such a kind and intuitive soul, and I will continue to seek his guidance when needed. If you are looking for guidance or affirmations, Fernando is your guy. You will not be disappointed, trust me.

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